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Chiropractor Menomonee Falls WI Trista BringaWelcome!

My name is Dr. Trista Bringa.  Most of my patients call me ‘Dr. Trista’.  I spent many of my school years in the West Bend area and am pleased to settle my new office here in Menomonee Falls to offer chiropractic care.

Here is my story…

As a young girl I was taught to take my vitamins each day and take care of my body.  I was an active young girl and got plenty of Vitamin D in the Florida sunshine.  The wellness mentality from my youth carried on with me through my high school and college years as I began looking for a career where I could help people with their health in some way.  I gravitated towards beginning a career in pharmacy as I was fascinated by what drugs could do inside the human body.  But then...

During my freshman year in college, while playing on the girls’ basketball team, I suffered a devastating season-ending ACL and cartilage tear in my knee.  I underwent surgery, was prescribed many medications, and completed two rounds of rehabilitation to regain my mobility and my life.  While experiencing this perspective of western medicine from the front lines, I had a realization that the career path I was on wasn’t going to fulfill me and my life’s purpose the way I had envisioned.

I was determined to find the profession I was passionate for.  That is when I found Chiropractic...  and I fell in love.

Soon thereafter, I became an assistant to a chiropractor and experienced my first adjustment.

Since graduating in 2012, my husband and I became a family of three.  My son, Wyatt, made an early debut and was born five weeks early.  As you might expect, he has faced challenges in his life that we have managed to work through with the help of chiropractic care.  He is living proof that chiropractic care can do amazing things!  He is now two years old and a healthy growing toddler.

Since becoming a mom, I have developed a passion to provide chiropractic care to expecting moms, children and families along with providing lifestyle guidance for living long, abundant lives.  I am dedicated to making patients feel comfortable, to listening, and to answering questions.

I am extremely excited to be here in Menomonee Falls and I hope to become one of the leading pediatric, prenatal and family chiropractic offices serving our area.

This profession has allowed me to begin fulfilling my purpose of helping others to return to health, to heal, and to find their highest potential of living.

I look forward to meeting you,

Dr. Trista Bringa


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